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About us

My name is Chrétien Frambach. As an optometrist and contact lens specialist I have many years of experience in adjusting contact lenses on medical indication. Due to the complexity of the care required by keratoconus, I have specialized in the correction of this eye disease. I even started inventing and developing products that are in high demand.

Cooperation with manufacturers:

I came up with the keratoconus lens. Together with Essilor I was able to produce a first prototype keratoconus spectacle lens. Essilor is the largest glass manufacturer in the world. This company attaches great importance to optical innovation.

I also came up with the Conepower technology. The optical addition of Conepower technology to hard and soft keratoconus contact lenses creates opportunities to better correct keratoconus. Scleral lenses and soft keratoconus lenses with Conepower technology have been developed together with the Dutch contact lens manufacturer UCO .

The collaboration with Tracey Technologies ensures that aberrometry has a special place in the correction of keratoconus. The measurement of the I-Trace is an important link between patient and healthcare provider. Because of these measurements it is not only possible to show the patient why the vision with glasses or contact lenses is not so sharp. These measurements are also used to equip scleral lenses and soft keratoconus lenses with Conepower technology.

With the C-Quant it is possible to measure stray light pollution in an objective manner. Sensitivity to sunlight and being bothered by car headlights are common complaints for people with keratoconus. The Keratoconus Center in the Netherlands is using the C-Quant to conduct scientific research into stray light nuisance and the effect of Conepower technology.

Collaboration with ophthalmologists:

Because keratoconus can also progress, screening by the ophthalmologist in young patients is of great importance. The ophthalmologist has suitable equipment for this. In case of progression, the ophthalmologist can also treat the cornea to stop the progression.

Furthermore, patients with keratoconus have sensitive eyes and often suffer from allergies. The ophthalmologist can prescribe eye drops that make contact lenses better tolerated.

Through extensive reporting, the treating ophthalmologist is kept informed of the measurement data that are taken in the Keratoconus Center in the Netherlands. In this way, our center, in collaboration with ophthalmologists, can make an excellent contribution to better care for patients with keratoconus.

I hope that by developing new products, I can improve the quality of your life with keratoconus!

The Keratoconus Center in the Netherlands conducts research into:

  • the effect of the correction of spectacle lenses in keratoconus, in collaboration with the Hoge School of Utrecht
  • reducing stray light pollution by Conepower technology on different lens types, in collaboration with Tom van den Berg.
  • the effect of the correction of Conepower technology in scleral and soft keratoconus contact lenses, in collaboration with Tracey Technologies.

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