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Can you go blind from keratoconus?

Keratoconus and Blindness

Can you go blind from keratoconus? It is a frequently asked question. Keratoconus is a progressive congenital eye disease. Gradually, the cone formation on the cornea and with it the visual problems. These optical problems gradually become more and more serious. For example, you could get the idea that you will eventually become blind from keratoconus. Fortunately that is not the case. The disease often stabilizes around the age of 35. There is also the possibility to stop the progression of keratoconus with corneal crosslinking. The poor vision due to keratoconus can cause limitations, but keratoconus does not make you blind!

correct vision

If you can’t go blind from keratoconus, can vision still get better? Fortunately. It will not come naturally. Your eyes do not recover on their own. But with glasses and/or contact lenses, vision can still be properly corrected. In the milder forms of keratoconus, vision can still be sufficiently corrected even with glasses. In more severe forms, you are dependent on contact lenses.

corneal transplant

Even if the eye can no longer be corrected with spectacle lenses and/or contact lenses, it is possible to show the eye better again. In extreme cases, your ophthalmologist will suggest a cornea transplant. Fortunately, this does not have to happen in the vast majority of keratoconus patients.

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