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Glasses and keratoconus?

Many keratoconus patients have a strong desire to have glasses. Glasses offer the possibility to alternate with contact lenses. Glasses can be worn in case of (temporary) intolerance. Alternating contact lens wear with glasses can increase the comfort of the contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses for a shorter period of time also reduces the risk of complications.

Until now, only plus and minus lenses and cylindrical lenses are available for the correction of keratoconus. These glasses are actually intended for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Research shows that a new keratoconus lens gives a better result in 71% of the measurements than a regular lens. This new glass improves not only vision, but above all the subjective evaluation of the amount of shadow and double images perceived. New possibilities are now available to realize a better correction with glasses for people with keratoconus.

Partly due to the new keratoconus lens, glasses were experienced as sufficiently corrective in 2/3 of all measurements in the Keratoconus Center in the Netherlands.

Various studies have shown that contact lenses correct keratoconus better than glasses. Wearing contact lenses has also been shown to improve quality of life. It is also expected that the quality of life will improve if you have glasses with keratoconus in addition to contact lenses.

Characteristic for someone with keratoconus is a difference in vision between both eyes. A lower vision of the eye with the most keratoconus is only experienced as disturbing by a few. It is therefore important that the overall picture of the spectacle correction is assessed. This is because our brains are able to improve sharpness of vision and, in particular, the amount of shadow and double images we perceive, by looking with both eyes at the same time.

Watch the video below for more explanation:

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