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Headache with keratoconus

Why keratoconus can cause headaches?

Headaches have many causes. Nevertheless, the complaint is regularly referred to as a headache when good vision requires a lot of effort. Squeezing the eyes is widely used by patients with keratoconus. The tightening of the facial muscles can lead to headaches. The effort it takes to extract sufficient information from the blurred image can also cause headaches. Prolonged exertion can certainly lead to this complaint. The light sensitivity also makes seeing more difficult and someone with keratoconus may complain of fatigue and headaches. Not everyone suffers from keratoconus headaches. Until now it is unclear why these complaints occur in some patients.

Reduce headaches and improve vision

Scleral lenses with Conepower technology improve the vision and contrast sensitivity of your eyes. This allows you to see sharper, especially at night. Soft keratoconus contact lenses with Conepower technology can also greatly improve vision. Many patients with keratoconus do not own glasses. With temporary intolerance, they can no longer see well. In this situation, too, it can be expected that headache symptoms will occur more quickly. A pilot study by the Keratoconus Center in the Netherlands shows that more than 70% of keratoconus patients could be prescribed glasses with which they could see clearly more clearly than without glasses correction. Wearing glasses can also cause headaches. However, this headache, which will mainly be felt above the eyebrows, will be temporary. After some habituation, this type of headache will go away on its own.

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