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Keratoconus lenses


In 2022, the Keratoconus Center in the Netherlands will conduct research into a new innovative keratoconus lens. This new glass should promote visual functioning for daily activities. Especially in today’s digital world, seeing sight and contrast is more important than ever.

Current treatment of the keratoconus condition consists of contact lens wear and cross-linking. Wearing contact lenses is a limiting factor to track progress towards cross-linking.

When keratoconus is diagnosed at an early age, wearing keratoconus lenses instead of contact lenses may improve the progression of keratoconus.

Also, the possession of glasses in addition to contact lenses will still be able to sufficiently support the daily visual performance, so that the patient remains employable for a long time and sustainably. In addition to the visual performance with the keratoconus glasses, work productivity, work/study pleasure will be examined, which is reflected in an improvement in quality of life.

Possibly owning glasses with keratoconus lenses improves tolerance to contact lenses and possibly even prevents complications of contact lenses.

For young keratoconus patients, the outcome of wearing these spectacle lenses may determine better vision, in addition to being able to wear contact lenses.

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