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See halos (circles) around points of light

See circles around points of light

Characteristic for people with keratoconus is that they have to deal with seeing halos. Halos are circles of light that can be seen around a light source, such as car headlights, especially in dim or dark environments. A light source can also radiate through the keratoconus in the shape of a star. This is also known as starburst. These distortions of light impair vision.

What causes halos on the eye?

Light is crucial for seeing. We are able to see things because light reflects off them and creates an image on the retina. Too much light can also cause us not to see things. What we then observe is that halos and/or starbursts overexpose the image we want to see. Both symptoms occur when the amount of light entering the eye exceeds the eye’s ability to see its surroundings. It is not yet fully known why people with keratoconus are so sensitive to light.

Photophobia due to scattered light (glare)

While halos and starbursts are mainly experienced around light sources in the dark, stray light mainly causes glare during the day. In particular, the alternation of shade and sunlight can disrupt good vision.

More information at Keratoconus Center Netherlands

Do you often see halos and/or starbursts around points of light in the dark, or do you also squint when there is (a lot of) light shining in your eyes? Please contact the Keratoconus Center in the Netherlands. There you can go for more information about keratoconus. Keratoconus glasses, contrast-enhancing scleral lenses with wavefront correction or soft keratoconus contact lenses with Conepower technology or night glasses may possibly remedy or reduce the complaints.

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