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See streaks in light sources

See scattered light or starburst in light sources

Seeing streaks in light sources is a clear symptom that people with keratoconus often refer to. They often experience halos (circular circles around a light source), starburst (a star-shaped appearance of a light source and/or scattered light. Stray light is most similar to starburst, where streaks can be seen from light sources.

See the cause of streaks in light sources

When light finds a way, it can be changed direction. Thus, a light beam can be split into several fine light beams. This is called light scattering or scattered light. This can also happen in the eyes when light finds its way. This can manifest itself in blurred vision, glare, loss of contrast and color etc. These problems are exacerbated if the visual function of the eyes is already impaired by additional eye conditions, including keratoconus.

See stripes in the dark

Seeing stripes from light sources, such as car lamps or lampposts, is the most annoying, especially in the dark. The stripes can then make driving difficult, which in some cases can even be dangerous. How the stripes appear is quite different. Sometimes you see fine rays and other times you see thicker rays. What they have in common is that they can significantly reduce vision. In addition, seeing streaks in light sources is a phenomenon that you will only notice over time, because it becomes more and more annoying.

Seeing streaks in light sources during the day

You may also see streaks of light during the day. For example, in dark and gray weather and when cars are driving with the lights on. In general, though, seeing streaks on clear days is less likely, because sunlight makes the pupil in the eye smaller, resulting in better vision in general. Some people with keratoconus say that they also have problems with driving during the day due to, for example, double contours, blurred vision and loss of contrast sensitivity. Even in the best lighting conditions.

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