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Wavefront correction

Contact lenses with wavefront correction

When keratoconus is corrected with scleral lenses, not all refractive errors are corrected. However, these errors cannot be corrected by the strength, or by adjusting the cylinder strength. The remaining error is a wavefront.

What’s up with that?

When the front of the scleral lens is measured, it can be seen that the front of the eye has acquired a nice regular shape. This front scleral lens is able to get a letter C sharp.

Yet it is not so; how did that happen?

When the aberrometer measures the residual eye flaw, a wavefront remains uncorrected. A wavefront is an asymmetrical eye flaw and therefore cannot be corrected with a cylinder. Cylinder strengths can only correct symmetrical patterns. A test letter C is seen out of focus because the wavefront has not been corrected. This is how the patient sees the test letter!

What does a wavefront correction do?

By providing the front of the lens with a corrective wavefront, the result is significantly improved.

How does this patient see with a wavefront corrected scleral lens?

The remaining wavefront is now much more even in shape. The letter C is a lot sharper.

Measuring eyes with Wavefront correction

The Keratoconus Center in the Netherlands is the first center in the Netherlands where wavefront correction on scleral lenses can be offered.
It has also recently become possible to provide soft keratoconus lenses with a wavefront correction.
More possibilities to correct keratoconus better.
If you have vision problems in the evening and/or during the day or if you want to see more clearly with contact lenses, make an appointment for a measurement.

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