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What does keratoconus mean and what does one see?

What does someone with keratoconus see?

When keratoconus first appears, the quality of vision slowly changes. That starts very gradually. The eye defect can be corrected so well with glasses that the keratoconus is not noticed at all. One of the most characteristic symptoms of keratoconus is shadowing on the underside of objects or letters. What is also striking is that the light sensitivity increases. The need to use sunglasses is increasing. At a later stage, there is a difference in vision between the two eyes. The diagnosis is often only made when this signal is detected.

Difficulty seeing in the dark

The above features are more likely to occur under poorer lighting conditions. The most difficult viewing situation for someone with keratoconus is probably driving in the pitch darkness with rain. Because the surroundings are less visible in the twilight, the reduced visibility is more noticeable.

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