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Cone power technology

What is Conepower technology

Keratoconus causes a special refractive error. Even with the best hard contact lenses, some refractive errors due to keratoconus remain uncorrected.

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If you look at the letters of this text without contact lenses, there are shadows (or double images), which can mainly be seen at the bottom of the letters. Obviously there is a difference between the shadows of your right and left eye, because keratoconus is always more advanced in one eye. If you look with both eyes at the same time, the shadows will probably decrease slightly.

If you look at these letters with your hard contact lenses, you will see that the shadows have moved (obliquely) to the top of the letters. Again, your best eye will see fewer shadows than your worse eye. The shadows may even be completely gone if you look with both eyes. This certainly also depends on the severity of the keratoconus.

Especially when you wear scleral lenses for the correction of your keratoconus, part of the eye error remains uncorrected. This keeps you seeing shadows at the top of letters. You won’t see those shadows all day, but this uncorrected eye flaw does affect the quality of vision. You see less well, especially in less favorable light conditions. This can also lead to eyestrain. The shadows are caused by the cone not being in the center of the pupil opening. With Conepower technology, a large part of this residual error is corrected, improving your vision and contrast sensitivity.

Scleral lenses with Conepower technology improve the vision of all people with keratoconus who have already been corrected with scleral lenses. Depending on your complaints, you will certainly appreciate the improvement provided by this optical innovation.

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