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Shadow letters see

See shadows at the bottom of letters

Seeing shadow letters is a common problem with the eye condition keratoconus. It is also experienced as very annoying by the people who have this. But why do you see shadow letters and what can be done about it? You can read it below.

Why shadow letters?

An aberrometer can measure the total visual function of both eyes of a person in less than 2 minutes. This device makes a simulation of the image that your eye sees. The optical difference between keratoconus eyes and healthy eyes consists in the fact that in keratoconus eyes there are greater variations of the local optical power of the eye in the entire pupillary area. The light rays are not focused in the same plane, causing some retinal blur. With keratoconus you usually suffer from seeing shadows on the underside of letters. Those shadows are caused by the deformation of the cornea, due to irregular astigmatism.

See shadow letters remedied with hard contact lenses?

With a hard contact lens, the shadows are reduced and they are moved to the top of the letters. The scleral lenses of the Keratoconus Center in the Netherlands have been optically improved with Conepower technology. This reduces ghosting, i.e. seeing shadow letters and double images with one eye on top of letters. Conepower technology improves vision and contrast sensitivity. The Keratoconus Center in the Netherlands is the first and only optometric center to have this technology.

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